October 19th 2017
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Tech News

October 19th 1:22 am
Still photographs spring to life
New software animates still photos so that subjects can be made to smile and pull expressions.

October 18th 7:04 pm
Giant robots clash in US-Japan battle
The human-piloted machines fired weapons at one another.

October 18th 6:47 pm
YouTube star Casey Neistat criticises video site's leaders
Award-winning vlogger Casey Neistat claims video creators could leave the service en masse.

October 18th 3:18 pm
Snapchat to make original TV-style shows
The social media app teams up with NBC to create a new studio where they plan to make original shows.

October 18th 1:48 pm
Twitter pledges tougher action against abuse
The social network says it will impose new restrictions on pornographic and hateful imagery.

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