January 23rd 2018
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January 23rd 1:11 am
Backpack midwife
For many people in remote regions access to healthcare is limited, so tech is coming to their aid.

January 23rd 12:27 am
Rupert Murdoch: Facebook should pay for news
Rupert Murdoch says newspapers are not being properly paid by the social network for their content.

January 23rd 12:20 am
Amazon opens its first grocery store in Seattle - with no tills
No tills? No problem. Inside Amazon's new, fully automated store, which has no checkouts.

January 22nd 7:30 pm
Alstom testing automated freight train in the Netherlands
The automated freight train can travel 100km without driver intervention.

January 22nd 5:40 pm
Ex-GCHQ boss: 'Social media firms sit above democracy'
Former GCHQ boss says that social media organisations “have huge power” over governments.

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