June 24th 2017
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Tech News

June 23rd 11:09 pm
Sheryl Sandberg: Tools like Facebook 'used for evil and good'
How Facebook's new initiative plans to tackle extremist and hate speech online.

June 23rd 7:10 pm
Tech Tent: Uber at a crossroads
On the Tech Tent podcast this week, we explore the stunning resignation of Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick.

June 23rd 6:52 pm
Router hack risk 'not limited to Virgin Media'
A weakness in some Virgin Media routers also affects routers by other providers, experts warn.

June 23rd 5:50 pm
How safe is your internet router?
Virgin Media is warning its customers to change the password on their internet routers. A Which? investigation found its Super Hub 2 router is vulnerable to hackers.

June 23rd 3:10 pm
Snapchat map update raises child safety worries
An update to Snapchat lets people search for schools and see pictures posted by children inside.

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