April 23rd 2017
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April 21st 6:39 pm
Brain Tumour Charity cautious about Italy mobile phone ruling
Charity urges caution after a ruling in Italy about mobile phone use and brain tumour growth.

April 21st 5:33 pm
Cameroon ends internet shutdown on orders of President Paul Biya
Online access is restored three months after it was cut off in English-speaking areas over protests.

April 21st 5:03 pm
US Navy cracks down on sharing of intimate photographs
The order comes after an investigation into the sharing of images of female marines on Facebook.

April 21st 4:00 pm
Computer pioneer Harry Huskey dies aged 101
The veteran hardware maker worked on the Eniac machine and helped Alan Turing build a computer.

April 21st 10:36 am
Selfies could make election voting 'more accessible', app makers say
Newsbeat gets an exclusive demonstration of a new app that uses facial recognition technology, to allow people to register for elections and cast a vote.

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